Why eat insects?

The best and healthiest way to reduce our footprint on the planet. Livestock production accounts for about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and pollutes the land and surrounding waterways. Insect farming uses 75% less CO 2 and 50% less water


With an average protein level of 50%, omega 3, calcium, iron and zinc. The ingestion of insects complements the diet of approximately 2,000 million people, it is a habit that has always been present in the eating behavior of human beings that is increasing. Did you know that each person eats about a kilo of insects a year without realizing it? Overcome your prejudices in pursuit of a better future and encourage yourself to try them, their taste will surprise you!

Insects for human consumption are raised on farms like these.Where its conditions and chemical-free food make its development optimal. But before consuming them, they must be analyzed to verify that they are edible.

Origin of our products

We only import products from the European Union, also, all the insects are raised and labelled in Europe.


Products with insects are highly recomended to realize any sport, they have little sugars and provide big amounts of energy. this energy constantly provided  is helpfull during a workout or any physical effort. Other products made with insects like pasta or hamburguers whit high level of protein and vitamins  are one of the best foods for athletes.