Privacy Policy

At we are up to date regarding the regulation of the legal regime of information society services and electronic contracting, in relation to:
• The obligations of service providers, including those who act as intermediaries in the transmission of content over telecommunications networks.
• Commercial communications electronically.
• Information before and after the conclusion of electronic contracts.
• The conditions related to its validity and effectiveness.
• The sanctioning regime applicable to information society service providers.
• The concept of information society service also includes unpaid services by their recipients, insofar as they constitute an economic activity for the service provider.
• We will provide as information society services, among others and provided that they represent an economic activity, the following:
1. Procurement of goods or services electronically.
2. Sending commercial communications.
3. The provision of information electronically.
4. Video on demand, as a service in which the user can select through the network, both the desired program and the time of its supply and reception.
5. The distribution of content upon individual request.
At we are aware of the importance of privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to all products, services and websites provided by or related companies, together the “products and services” of Insectacus Store complies with the privacy principles established by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection with mandatory compliance with its legal regulations of both Law 15/1999 and RD 1720/2007, having carried out the records of the corresponding files in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, and implemented all the protocols and security measures corresponding to the level of security required by them. If you have any questions about this online store, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or the following postal address:
Each time you access a user interested in the purchase of our products, a registration is required, as a registered user or guest, requesting that you provide any of your personal data. If we are going to use this data for purposes other than those for which it was collected, we will ask for your prior consent. If we decide to use personal data for a purpose other than that described in this Privacy Policy or in the specific notifications of each service, you will have the possibility to clearly state your opposition. will not collect or use confidential information for purposes other than those set forth in this Policy or in specific additional notices without your prior consent. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies, but you can reconfigure your browser to reject all cookies or to have the system tell you when one is sent. However, if cookies are disabled, some features and services of may not work properly. If you wish, you may choose not to send your personal data to any of our services, in which case may not be able to provide the services in question.
At Insectacus Store we have adopted adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data or any unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of it. These measures include internal reviews of our procedures for collecting, storing and processing personal data and our security measures, as well as physical security measures to protect us against unauthorized access to the systems in which we store personal data as established by Law. 15/1999 of December 13, and RD. 1720/2007.
5. DATA INTEGRITY carries out the processing of personal data for the sole purpose for which they have been collected and in accordance with this Privacy Policy or the additional notifications related to each service. We have reviewed our data collection, storage and processing procedures to ensure that we only collect, store and carry out the processing of personal data necessary to provide or improve our services, as required by Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection Personal in nature. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data being processed is accurate, complete and up-to-date; however, our users will be responsible for updating or correcting their own personal data whenever necessary.
When you use the services of we will try by all means at our disposal to provide you with access to your personal data, as well as rectify or cancel them as soon as you request it, as long as we are not obliged to keep such data by virtue of of applicable law or for legitimate professional purposes. We will ask private users to identify themselves and to identify the data they wish to access or have requested to rectify or cancel before processing said requests. We may reject the processing of requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, that require a disproportionate technical effort, that endanger the privacy of others, or that are not considered practical (for example, requests that refer to information stored in backup copies) or for which it is not necessary to access the data. The data access and rectification service will be provided free of charge, except if a disproportionate effort is required. Some of our services use different procedures to access the personal data of users, rectify or cancel them. For detailed information on such procedures, please refer to the specific privacy notices or frequently asked questions for these services. Similarly, in the event that family members want to access the deceased’s information, it will be contemplated in a particular clause of the service consideration contract, in which the identity of the same will be expressly and clearly identified.
7.1. regularly verifies compliance with this Policy. If you have questions about this Policy or about the processing of personal data by, please contact us through our website or send an email to the following address:
7.2. When we receive formal complaints in writing at this address, the policy of establishes that we contact the user in question regarding their queries. We will cooperate with the relevant regulatory authorities, including the Spanish Data Protection Agency, to resolve any controversy regarding the transfer of personal data that cannot be settled between and the user.
Please note that this Privacy Policy may be modified as deemed appropriate. We will not limit your rights derived from this Policy without your express consent. We hope that most of the modifications we make are minor. We will post the changes on this page and, if they are significant, we will send you a corresponding prominent notice, such as an email notification (for certain services). Each version of this Privacy Policy will include the effective date at the top of the page. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at any time through this website or at the following address:
At we look for ideas, products and services for the client that exceed the limits of what already exists. As a company that acts in a responsible manner, works to ensure that any innovation is carried out by guaranteeing users an adequate level of security and privacy. Our privacy principles assist us in decision-making at all business levels, enabling us to protect users and provide what they need as we continue to organize global information. We use the information to offer our users valuable products and services. The dedication to be able to offer the best service to the professional and user, is the first principle of The fact that users share information with us allows us to create valuable products and services for them. We believe that dedication to users encourages the creation of privacy and product enhancement features, which has spurred innovation and created a loyal audience of online users. We develop products that reflect strong advertising practices and standards.Our greatest ambition is to be at the forefront of technology in various aspects, including the development of tools that allow users to manage their personal information in a simple and accessible way while still offering them a valuable experience. complies with privacy laws, as well as working internally and collaborating with regulatory bodies and industry partners to develop and implement robust privacy standards. We strive to show users the information used to personalize our services. We try to be transparent about each user’s information and how we use that information to offer our services, as appropriate. We offer users meaningful alternatives to protect their privacy, as each user has different needs and concerns. In order to offer a better service to all users, at we strive to provide them with accurate and meaningful alternatives related to the use of their personal information. We believe that personal information should not be hidden and we are committed to creating products that allow users to export their personal information to other services. We do not sell users’ personal information. We know that our responsibility is to protect the data that users entrust to us. We take security concerns very seriously and collaborate with a large community of users, developers, and external security experts to make the Internet a more secure site.
To use the services of Insectacus Store, you must first accept the Conditions of Use. You will not be able to use the services if you do not accept the Conditions. You will be able to accept the Conditions: (A) by clicking on the acceptance button of the Conditions, when offers you this option in the user interface with respect to any Service; (B) effectively using the Services. In this case, you acknowledge and accept that, from that moment on, will consider your use of the Services as an acceptance of the Conditions. You will not be able to use the Services and you will not be able to accept the Conditions if (a) you are not of legal age and cannot enter into a binding contract with or (b) you do not have the necessary legal capacity to receive the Services from in accordance with the laws of the Spanish State, or other countries, including the country where you reside or use the Services. Before proceeding, we recommend that you print or save a local copy of the Universal Conditions for reference purposes.
11. PROVISION OF SERVICES will have collaborating companies for a large part of its products. Occasionally, these companies will provide the services on behalf of the Insectacus Store brand itself. We recognize and accept that our partner companies are constantly innovating to offer the best possible experience to their users. You acknowledge and accept that the form and nature of the services and products that may change from time to time without prior notice. As part of this process and constant innovation, you acknowledge and accept that interrupts (permanently or temporarily) the provision of services (or any of its characteristics) that are offered to you or users. in general at the exclusive choice of without the need for prior notice. You may stop using the services at any time, without being obliged to communicate it. You acknowledge and accept that if disables access to your account, you may no longer have access to the services, your account information or any of the files or other content stored in your account.
Each user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the passwords associated with any account used to access our services. Consequently, he will be solely responsible to with respect to all activities carried out in connection with his account. If you detect any unauthorized use of your password or your account, you must immediately notify through
For information about the practices of in terms of Data Protection, see the Insectacus Store Privacy Policy included in This policy describes the way in which treats your personal information and protects your privacy when using the Services, you will be obliged to use your data in accordance with the privacy regulations of
All information such as data files, written texts, photographs, videos or images will be referred to hereinafter as the “Contents”. The Contents that are presented to you as part of the services or products, may not be modified, rented, loaned, sold, distributed or for the creation of commercial works derived from these Contents (either in whole or in part) unless there is has been expressly empowered to do so by Insectacus Store or, by the owners of the aforementioned Contents, by virtue of a separate contract. Insectacus Store reserves the right (although it does not assume any obligation) to preview, review, classify, filter, modify, discard or eliminate all or part of the Contents of any service or product.
1. The user acknowledges and accepts that has full ownership, all rights and control over the Services, including the intellectual property rights inherent to the Services (regardless of whether such rights are registered or not, and the place in the world where they apply). Likewise, the user acknowledges that the Services may contain information classified as confidential by and that they may not disclose it without the prior written consent of and by those it may affect, previously obtaining their consent. .
2. Unless the user has agreed otherwise in writing with, nothing stipulated in the Conditions of Use will grant him any right to use trade names, brands, service marks, logos, domain names or other distinctive brand features of
3. If you have been expressly granted the right to use any of these brand features in accordance with a written contract entered into with, the user accepts that the use of said features will abide by the provisions of such contract, any provisions of the applicable Conditions and the guidelines on the use of brand characteristics in its current version at all times.
4. recognizes and accepts that it will receive in accordance with the Conditions of Provision of Services, in relation to the Contents that are sent, published, transmitted or displayed through the Services, including the intellectual property rights inherent to said Contents. Unless the user has agreed otherwise in writing with, the latter will be responsible for protecting and exercising said rights without being obliged to do so on their behalf.
5. The user undertakes not to eliminate, obscure or alter the warnings on property rights (including warnings on copyright and trademarks) that are included in the Services.
In accordance with its policy, will respond to notifications of alleged copyright infringement submitted in accordance with national applicable legislation on intellectual property.
The User agrees to keep his Username and password confidential and to use them with due diligence. The User admits and accepts that Insectacus will not be in any case responsible for the damages or losses that could originate due to the disclosure or lack of due diligence in the use of the same, as well as for attacks originating in our databases or web systems.