Internet privacy policy: Policy on the use of cookies

The protection of your data is very important to us, that is why at Insectacus we want to explain what the function of cookies is and how the use of them can be restricted or prevented.

Change cookie settings.General information

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored on the end device of the browser (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a web page. If you visit the Insectacus page or use another service provided by it, the information is collected and stored using cookies. The advantage of cookies is that browsing is improved since your habits and needs can be recognized. Cookies help provide services, keep them updated and continually improve them.
There are different types of cookies, which we would like to explain to you in more detail here.

1. Origin
First-hand cookies are stored and managed directly by Insectacus. We use such cookies, for example, to record information for us about your usage patterns on our website.

Third-party cookies are stored and managed by partners. These are used, for example, to perform statistical analysis of the navigation on the Insectacus website for marketing activities.

Tag is a generic term for sections of code that can be embedded on the web and used for various functions, such as simple counts (“count pixels”) or complex data streams (for example, “conversion tag”).

Pixel (also pixel tag, counting pixel, 1×1 pixel)
This technique describes a graphic, which is not optically detectable when visiting a web page due to its small 1×1 pixel size and is mostly transparent. A pixel can only transmit very limited information, for example, the signal “1” (goods purchased) or “0” (goods not purchased).

Script (also JavaScript)
The scripting language is analogous to a programming language in the ability to execute more complex instructions.

2. Purpose. Technical need

Technically required cookies ensure the basic functionality and usability of the website. Among other things, this ensures smooth navigation on the website.

For example, cookies store the language you have selected or the content of your shopping cart. In addition, access to restricted access tools is also allowed. Service providers are also used for this purpose. The responsibility and control of data processing rests with us.

The legal basis for the integration of these cookies is Art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. f DSGVO. (General Data Protection Regulation of the EU)
We need this information to provide these services to you online.

3. Validity
Temporary cookies (session cookies) are only temporarily stored on your computer or terminal device. When you close the browser, these cookies are automatically deleted.

Permanent cookies and similar technologies remain stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone even after you close the browser. This enables us to recognize you, for example, when you visit our web pages later. Therefore, deletion only takes place if a new version of cookies is installed, if you object to them or if the cookies themselves are deleted on your terminal device. You can do it quickly and easily at any time on this page under the appropriate categories.

The special configuration of the browser allows you to accept, block or deactivate all or some of the cookies on your device.

The corresponding manual for the most popular browsers can be found in here:
Firefox ,Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari.

Even if your browser settings have been modified to block certain cookies, you can still access information from the entire Insectacus website. However, the operation or use of certain services offered by Insectacus may be restricted.
If you have consented to the use of cookies, you can withdraw your consent at any time. The existing cookies will then be deleted.

Directly enable and disable third-party cookies
If you do not want third-party cookies to be stored in your browser, click the following links for instructions on how to disable them.

Google Adwords,Bing,Adobe Analytics & Target (Omniture),Google analytics, Mouseflow, UIM,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram

Insectacus reserves the right to change this cookie policy if changes are made to their configuration and / or use. An updated version will be posted on this web page.