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We are dedicated to the sale of exclusive products made with insects, the next generation of food. Our products are destinated to people whith ecologic responsability, customers looking for proteic and healthy snacks, and those who want to experience the food of the future and its bennefits.

Why eat insects?

First of all, it is the healthiest way to reduce our footprint on the planet. Livestock production accounts for 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Second, it pollutes the land and waterways. In conclusion, insect farming uses 75% less CO 2 and 50% less water.


Products with insects are highly recommended for any sport. They have few sugars and provide large amounts of energy. This constantly supplied energy is useful during a workout or any physical effort.

Other products made with insects such as pasta or hamburgers whith a high level of protein and vitamins are one of the best foods for athletes. Above all, it keeps you healthy.


Medium protein level of 50%, omega 3, calcium, iron and zinc. Insects are complementing the diet of more than 2,000M people. It is a habit that has been present in the eating behavior of human beings that is increasing. Did you know that each person eats about a kilo of insects a year without realizing it? Therefore ,Overcome your prejudices in pursuit of a better future and dare to try them, their taste will surprise you!

Insects for human consumption are raised on specialized farms. Theremore Its chemical-free conditions and feed make its development optimal. After that, before consuming they must be analyzed to verify that they are edible. After read this, we hope you realise why should never be afraid of eat them.

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